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Detroit, MI (USA): Members of the Michigan Bihar (MIBIHAR) in Detroit area on November 10 celebrated Diwali with much fanfare and enthusiasm in the presence of over 300 people hailing from Bihar and Jharkhand, and also from the local areas.

President of MIBIHAR Saurabh Kumar and his fellow team members, after meticulous planning involving over 20 thousand hours, held the event to mark the festival of light at a grand level.
The event, that was made possible by generous donations by over 15 local business houses, began with a Ganesh vandana sung by Shoba Prasad and Rajani Sinha and ended with a thematic fashion show as a tribute to the Bollywood legends who passed away in 2012.

Besides the scrumptious snacks and dinners, the event also included a DJ and dance. Almost 75 children participated in various acts including Bhojpuri geet, Qawwali, Bollywood dances, Bharat Natyam, fashion show for people of all ages, and the secular song - Unity in Diversity.

Going by the audience response, the Qawwali and Bhojpuri geet sung by Shobha Prasad and team undoubtedly was the show-stealer.

Patrons also participated in writing articles for ‘Vihara’ magazine on topics like Chankaya, Bihari recipe, and the importance of Diwali.

The grand finale, however, saved for the last, was the dazzling display of fireworks much to the delight of both the children and the grown-ups.
Software professionals from Bihar and Jharkhand working for Tata Consultancy Services, HP, and Infosys also got the opportunity to get the flavor of home with home-like food, the cultural presentations, and the magnificent firework spectacle.

MIBIHAR has been founded by people from Bihar and Jharkhand living in Michigan, USA primarily to promote Indian culture, Bihar and Jharkhand heritage, community service, and inculcate social responsibilities among children from Bihar and Jharkhand.


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